Due to the fact that the interest of Swedish industry in the Turkish market as well as in the Turkic states is groving and the need for improving further the cooperation within the Swedish business society locally in Turkey is increasing, a decision is taken to establish the  Swedish Chamber of Commerce to Turkey. Since the prevailing Turkish legislation did not allow to establish a Chamber, the name has been changed to Association of Swedish Trade Center in Turkey, for which the establishment process is completed. For practical reasons the association is still called; ”Swedish Chamber of Commerce” among members.

With this development, the luncheon club started in 1990 which is uppgraded to the Swedish Business Club in 1993, took a new step by including the Turkish business associates (distributors and agents) to the Swedish companies as well as Turkish businessmen having extensive business relations with Sweden within the framework of the Association (SCC). This new step is highly appreciated and supported by many businessmen/companies both Swedish and Turkish, as well as Swedish authorities and Swedish Trade Council.

At that stage, it is faund valuable to define the mission, objectives, values and criterium for being accepted as a member to SCC more exclusively.


The SWEDISH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE in Turkey (the widely used name for the ASSOCIATION OF SWEDISH TRADE CENTER IN TURKEY), is founded by Swedish and Turkish businessmen doing business with Sweden in Turkey;

-to profile the Swedish industry in a meritoriously way on the Turkish market and,

-to benefit the commercial interests of members by establishing a business   community network

Swedish industry and technical know-how are well known and recognised worldwide as well as being strongly represented in Turkey for over 50 years. Being a country strongly dependent on foreign trade where commerce with other countries has been an important driving force behind its industrial development, it is of utmost importance for Sweden and for Swedish Industry to be strongly profiled in a market like Turkey.

Sweden is the home of a number of well-known companies with operations all over the world, which invests heavily in other countries. With respect to that aspect, cooperation to establish Swedish technical know-how on the Turkish market and to maintain a professional and good cooperation with the Turkish business society lies in the common interests of Swedish business community.

By profiling the Swedish industry and technical know-how and by benefiting the commercial interests of the members through a business community network, SCC will fulfil its mission to position the Swedish industry more efficiently and strongly in the Turkish market.


Sweden has fostered many transnational groups such as ABB, Aga, Astra, Atlas Copco, Electrolux, Ericsson, Ikea, Pharmacia & Upjohn, Saab, Sandvik, SCA, Scania, Skanska, SKF, Stora, Tetra Laval and Volvo. All of these groups and others have operations and production in many different countries. Some of these companies have even their headquarters in another country than Sweden. These companies have sprung from a base in Sweden to become global corporations, many of which are technology leaders in their respective fields, signifies industrial tradition, know-how and an industrial infrastructure. Around these large companies a web of manufacturers, subcontractors, competent customers, research facilities and an infrastructure adapted to the needs of industry has developed. The common denominator of all these Swedish companies is the values they share.

The picture in Turkey, for the Swedish companies, is the same. Most of the Swedish subsidiary companies (members of SBC) are not registered as Swedish capital investment companies in Turkey; some of them might even have higher trade volumes with other countries than Sweden etc…

Therefore it is quite important to define the common values within the framework of SCC, which gives a company the “Swedish” identity. This is even valuable for the Turkish associates (distributors/agents) of the Swedish companies.

Values common for the Swedish industry cover the following:

– Innovativeness
– Honesty and straightforwardness (trustworthiness)
– High business moral
– Quality
– Respect for people and other cultures
– Environmental awareness



SCC has the following main objectives:

– to broaden the network of companies, organisations etc… which have business relations with Sweden in Turkey
– to implement an effective propaganda in both countries regarding exports, imports and capital investments
– to provide relevant information related to trade between Turkey and Sweden as well as reciprocal decrees
– to supply economical, commercial and legal information in commercial issues related to trade and investments
– to promote the information exchange in business related issues between the members through organised gatherings, events and newsletters
– to establish and maintain contacts with the Turkish private sector organisations and authorities to benefit the members commercial interests
– to make the Turkish public opinion conscious of the interest shown by the Swedish industry for a healthier industrial development in Turkey