– To organize and manage SCC coffee meetings according to the Board approved yearly activity plan,

– To maintain and update SCC’s website at a level agreed with the Board,

– To conduct SCC surveys in Turkey as agreed in the Boards yearly activity plan,

– Upon request, to supply information on the legislation and the developments of Swedish Industry, Trade and Investments,

– To find business leads for SCC members, send information and to provide trade contacts and meeting opportunities in Turkey and Sweden,

– To assist SCC members in the organization of ad hoc meetings, seminars and conferences Turkey,

– To inform SCC members about the trade-related activities (trade shows, exhibitions) in Sweden,

– To inform SCC members about activities jointly organized by Swedish companies specifically targeting Turkey (seminars, symposiums, conferences, etc.),

– To inform SCC members about the Turkish market and the investment opportunities thereof,

– To inform SCC members about all types of trade-related government activities to take place between Sweden and Turkey (trade delegations, joint Committee meetings of Economic and Trade Cooperation between Governments, etc.).

– To assist SCC members in informing existing and potential member companies of SCC’s activities and collect membership fees.

– To manage SCC’s financial accounts, file the books and maintain needed relations with Turkish authorities as regards SCC’s activities.